About Us

We are passionate, Toronto-based cinematographers with a vision; we strive to provide our clients with a visually telling and conceptually captivating story. We’ve been in the industry since 2011, and our experience specializes in wedding, documentary, and corporate work. We aim to be as involved as possible with your project to ensure that the best possible story is told . Whether you need us to create a concept, or document an event and develop it into a film, we take pride in our style of cinematography which conveys a strong and intriguing story. ¬†We love working with a variety of clients, and being versatile enough to cater to every one of them. Raw Media captures those RAW moments, emotions, feelings, and stories through the medium of film; this is what RAW means to us, and it is the heart of what we aim to capture in every one of our shoots. So let’s hear your story!


-Moe @ Raw Media